Out Now – Infinity Twist from DLX

Infinity Twist from DLX

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Announcing the Infinity Twist EP from RogueDubs and interplanetary production wizard- DLX. A fusion of drumfunk, half-time d&b combined with intricate synth-work; these sounds have been tested by space-fairing beings from Zeta Reticula, Centaurus A and NGC 474. Doctor Lazarus X has certified their quality and RogueDubs guarantees the sound will hold up during faster-than-light-travel and are built to withstand any electromagnetic pulse or interference. NASA and the European Space Agency have been test-piloting the Infinity Twist EP during their latest missions and their results are astounding.

“Infinity Twist is the best sound available to place in a spacecraft.” Weiner van Brown – Rocket Scientist
“These sounds opened our eyes to what’s out there in the solar system and provides us a compelling argument for other missions that will follow.” Gus Grissell – Afronaut

Infinity Twist will be available for private sector purchase on or after star-date: 12.29.2015 at your favorite intergalactic entertainment outpost.

Enjoy your journey

RogueDubs is Looking for New Artists

Hey producers… Do you make deep dubstep, modern drum and bass (halftime / slowfast), footwork or weird bass music between the tempo range of 140 to 190 BPM? Then we would like to hear your tunes! We are looking to sign two or three new artists or projects for the 2016 release schedule. If you’re interested in submitting, send mp3’s / aiff / wav’s – RogueDubs @ gmail.com

Please include a little information about yourself and link us to your twitter / soundcloud etc…

About RogueDubs: Established in 2008, RogueDubs is a forward thinking bass music label with over 40 releases on both vinyl and digital. Our reach is global and our distribution is universal. Not to be pidgeon-holed by genre, We roll with the times and stay true to the pulse coming from the dance floor. We have released tunes from heavyweight artists including: DLX, Sigrah, Chango, FSTZ, EshOne, Soccer Mom, Janner, Kial, The Bassist, DZ, Phaded, Echo Wanderer and more.


Sigrah – Gateways / Oh Lawd

Next up is a two track release from Ben Sigrah. Hailing from Kansas City, Sigrah has been soldiering in the underground trenches for years, working out his sound at his semi-monthly bass music event, Futuro. These two tunes blur the lines between footwork, up-tempo bass music and high energy sub frequencies.

Forthcoming Sept 22nd 2015 on the RogueDubs digital imprint, available everywhere digital music is sold

Get Bent / Legend from JJ Soderling

Out Now! The latest release from Rogue Dubs label boss, JJ Soderling. These two tunes represent an amalgam of Drum and Bass / Dubstep and Hip Hop. The bassline in Get Bent is a sub-lover’s dream… descending and punchy, it’s guaranteed dance floor madness. Legend has a deep and menacing vibe.. definitely one for the heads. Together these tunes round out the future bass style that is indicative of releases to come from the RogueDubs imprint. Available everywhere digital music is sold.