Announcing the latest project from Rogue Dubs, FSTZ and Orko Eloheim

Enter the UltraNet reunites FSTZ and Orko Eloheim after a nine year hiatus. A mix of hip hop, half-time drum and bass, grime, jungle and dubstep; this EP is a wild ride to another dimension.

“The beats are gritty like Amon Tobin and the flows are tuff like indie-robot-gangster shit” – Random dude from the club.



Prepare for The UlraNet

Rising from the ashes of a world destroyed by evil politicians, internet pirates and wack rappers writing rhymes on their iPhones; The UltraNet has arrived. The main objective: Hack into the holographic material universe to eliminate key targets in the hip-hop propaganda power pyramid. Led by cosmic warfare veterans FSTZ (codename Doc Fest) and Orko Eloheim (codename Chakra Zulu), The UltraNet have already scored several key victories on the inter-dimensional battlefield. Armed with bass cannons and drum-war-machines, victory for the UltraNet is inevitable.

Mastered by Bob Macc (Subvert Mastering)
Cover art by Aaron Sutton (Visual Goodies-Soulmec)

Enter the UltraNet
Forthcoming on 12″ vinyl and digital – September 2016


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Orko Eloheim is an avant-garde emcee-producer-artist hailing from the Southern California hiphop underground. He mixes the virtuosity of John Coltrane with the psychedelic approach of Jimmy Hendrix, combined with the afro-futuristic sound of Sun Ra. With more than 20 projects under his belt, he’s worked prolific artists such as Bigg Jus, Aceyalone, Saul Williams, Gonjasufi, and Rick Rubin.

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FSTZ is a veteran DJ / Producer living in Kansas City. Originally from San Diego, California, he began mixing records at the age of 16 and producing at age 18. Over his career, he’s been the mastermind behind Druthers and Drips, Shamanga, Trimangle and countless other projects no one’s heard of. He’s released music on RogueDubs, Loose Squares, Ground Mass, SMOG, Dubfront and Bassism. He’s also the creator of The FSTZ Show; a weekly podcast featuring tunes from the world of underground bass music.

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